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We know that you have the choice of many golf services in Scotland. That is why JCS Golf has developed services that sets it apart from the typical golf service now available in Scotland. Unlike the others, with JSC Golf you will find:

Personalized Service: Johnny Stewart works directly with every group to ensure that he understands the needs of each an every person in that group, and that those needs are met.

Customized Service: Unlike most tour operators, with JCS Golf you will not be given a pre-packaged itinerary with the expectation that you will adapt your outing to the tour operators convenience. We have the capability of customizing any aspect of your trip in which you may wish our help. Whether it be lodging in a stately home not otherwise open to the public, special meals, or special entertainment, we will meet your needs.

Access: Through long standing personal and professional relationships, JSC Golf has access to stately homes and other services not generally available to golf tour operators. We are able to provide you and your friends with a visit to Scotland they will remember all their lives.

Flexibility: We have supported parties ranging in size from one person, to dozens. We will meet your needs.

No Hidden Fees: Unlike other golf tour operators, JCS Golf doesn’t hide a commission in all the activities that are organized on behalf of your party. Our fee is stated up front.


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